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What is MarkInfo?

MarkInfo started as collaboration between the Department of Forest Soils, the Department of Environmental Assessment, both at SLU, and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

The aim of MarkInfo is to provide an outline of information available on soil characteristics and vegetation of Swedish forest soils. The service is based mainly on data from the Swedish Survey on Forest Soils and Vegetation (SK) 1983-87, which is a recurrent survey of forest soils covering vegetation, and soil chemical and physical qualities, at the permanent plots of the Swedish National Forest Inventory (NFI).

The comprehensive set of data was processed using geostatistical methods and is presented in the form of national maps. Wherever possible, distribution of data is indicated. The monitoring sites are spread over the country in an even, sparse net. Therefore it is difficult to study local variations and the main use of the material is to indicate trends in Swedish forests. All maps presented through this service are estimated for the land use class Forest land. Approximately half of the land area of Sweden, that is about 23 million hectares, is classified as Forest land. In some regions Forest land constitute a small part only as, for example, in the mountain region and in the south-western part of the province of Skåne, resulting in a sparser number of experimental plots. Here it is not possible to attain estimates sufficiently reliable. These areas have, therefore, not been classified and, thus, no data are shown. Most pages provide detailed explaining texts, written by researchers within each respective field of research. This service also offers interactive pages where it is possible to, on your own, make estimations based on data in the database of the Swedish Survey of Forest Soils and Vegetation (SK 1983-87). It is possible both to ask questions and to retrieve files for processing of data on your own computer.

Processing of data from the Swedish Survey of Forest Soils and Vegetation has from 1983 mainly been funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Maps in the climate section are from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI and the National Board of Forestry. Maps describing bedrock and soil types are from the Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU.

During 1999 and 2000 MarkInfo was updated. This work was carried through at the department of Forest Soils and funded by the Environmental Data Centre at SLU and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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