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Temperature sum

Map showing the temperature sum

Map showing the temperature sum, temperature zone: < 800 extremely cold; 800-900 cold; 900-1100 relatively cool; 1100-1300 cool; 1300-1500 favourable; >1500 very favourable. Broken line: conifer border (600-700 day-degrees).

The temperature sum is the daily mean temperature above +5ºC, summed during the growing season. This measure describes how warm the growing season is. In southern Sweden (Götaland) the growing season is longer on the western than on the eastern coast, whereas the temperature sum is almost similar. On the eastern coast drier and warmer summers compensate the somewhat shorter growing season.

Favourable temperature climate is also found along the coast in northern Sweden. Close to the shores along the Baltic the cold sea air, though, results in a somewhat lower temperature sum. The map also shows a favourable temperature climate in the areas close to the lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren in central Sweden. On average the temperature sum decreases by 58 day-degrees for each degree of latitude towards the north and 90 day-degrees per 100 meters rise above sea level.


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