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Climatic zones

Map showing climatic zones

Climatic zones is a coarse classification of climate. Within a climatic zone climate varies, mainly depending on the influence from large water bodies and altitude.

In Sweden areas sheltered by the Scandinavian mountains have a climate that is local continental, implying relatively large differences in temperature and precipitation between summer and winter and relatively small amounts of precipitation compared to more coastal regions. Along the west coast and parts of the east coast climate is more maritime characterised by smaller differences between summer and winter. Also the western parts of the province of Jämtland in northern Sweden are influenced by the sea, where warm and humid air masses can pass the mountains from the Atlantic. The climatic zones are clearly seen on the maps showing mean temperatures, temperature sums and the length of the growing season.

The map with climatic zones, shows areas positively (local continental climate) or negatively (local maritime climate) deviating from climate, based on latitude and altitude only.


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